Thursday, September 15, 2016

short story slam week 53, what we read

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what we read, do you care?
what children eat, do you dare?
a spooky story is foolishly cute,
a hide and seek game tickles

when I buy a book, I care
how the title, theme, and style
could bring in either joy or
doubts?!!! Taraji Henson is super apt

when I decide to read poetry
speed, rhythm, melody, mood, they count!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Thursday outlooks

Late Summer [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 

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bad fish 
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Black & White Wednesday ~ Choice 
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 Image result for cherry blossom tree

Late summer bluejay is quiet
her choice of season is white

winter color involved snow
green fir and golden bell glow

sitting near a fire
we warm our hearts with cool wrappers

cherry blossom is pink
when mondays are red

winter days sparkle with green coats
yellow meets blue to make green sheen

nature gives us wonders
my thoughts fly from Iraq to Greenland,

reading is magical
words send us needed orange juice and whole milk

winter colours...
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Image result for cherry blossom tree


short story slam week 52, reading, touring, thinking, all serve us as creative meditation

short story slam week 52, family gathering, outdoor sightseeing, and peer reading that help children function well or better

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Image result for reading   

Image result for reading 

oaktree, pinewood, firbough, willowlog,
lumberyard ingredients

orange hair, blond dress
small boy competes with peer girls or young adults

focus on mind reading, invisible thinking, weekend traveling,
attentive listening, and positive wording,

when we write some short fiction on yourself, your children,
or things you enjoy, we have fun!

books that tour,
words that speak,
love that we seek,
everything shall be joyful
and positively rendered.
reading is one way to obtain knowledge!
knowledge is power!

Friday, August 5, 2016

a fun post

Short Story Slam Week 50, 8/4/---8/21, 2016, on hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction

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 Image result for cornerstone

Black & White Wednesdays ~ R & R 

bees knees
queen's rose garden rocks

London tower bridge
Buckingham palace graces small thomas

Willow tree and Green river,
China town and double decker bus, 

British museum and Big ben,
the mother duck leads lots of baby ducks

boats and canals
hugo and maud

William and Harry adore Diana
Charlotte, George, Alexandra, Louis, and Apple grow wisdoms

 Austin and Texas, Jerry Bona and Barbara Bush
 Rick Perry and Theresa Burke, they do good things through Rebecca and Julie

 Image result for cornerstone
a winter yellow... 
 Image result for buckhaming waterfall

Lonely paths and Summer Woods [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

short story slam week 50

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stretched wings
tryon letter posts for litersy

u-turns, short stops
Maud, Cachet, Daveport, Boley, Castle, Seminole, Holdenville, and Okemah

lady Elsa Alvaro, Ann Aler, Steve Adams, Kathleen Bethel, Chris Davidson,
purple wears brings in purple hearts

inside downtown Chicago, next to Michigan street,
sail boats mark a line at the palm of the John Handcock tower

peagons pick up bread crums, ignoring small piggy boy Thomas Owens
Jackson Boulevard, Van Buren Street, Congress Parkway, and Harrison bridges cross Chicago river

July 4th, Wild picnic foods,
a chain of red and green peppers, and beef stews are hot to Stacey Devine and john Dorr

from 1994 to 2016, from 1992 to 1996, Patricia, James, Michael, and Scott remain cool
Mr. G and Mr. Co-op sell more fresh vegetables

the $1 gallon milk and $1 for 6 packages of raman noodles are good from Osco,
$0.15 pound Tyson chicken legs and $1 for 5 pound Russian potatoes smell crispy in Kenwood oven

Village food, red plum, a warning for small child who might swallow and choke,
Greece friend, a couple invites Peking child Louise Beggs for stewed broccoli soup,

Dou Yu, Jing Wu, Tiejian Wu, they work hard to change their medical major to math,
San San, Yao Yao, Ding Ding, and Yuan Yuan all join Frank and Joyce for birthday gala

Lincoln park zoo,
North Chicago China town library and Fumara dim sum

John Shed aquirium,
Chicago zoo invites Peter, Robert, Grace, Kevin, Tyrek,  Charlotte, Poppy, and Kim for a tour

Subway next to Hyde park,
Woolworth and Payless shoe on 53rd street

Fireworks make Joseph swim free in Lake Michigan,
Wildcat Willie throw lots of green leaves toward lady Amelia Sun

queen elizabeth smiles
london bridge falls down to our short story slam w50

 Steve Adams 
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Image result for buckhaming waterfall 
Image result for buckhaming waterfall