Saturday, March 31, 2012

Norway = Northwestern University + Peter Sher Wood+Peter Willow+Shoorayner +Kristy Woodford

Shaped like a droplet of spring water,
Norway sits on upper right (Northeast)
of the planet earth in Europe, forming
an arc with Finland on right hand side,
Norway has mind blowing mountain valleys
and large open space, the sound of Norway
reminds Jingle of "NO WAY", we women must
say NO to unfair treatments.

Image Credit:, on Norway, a mind blowing country that gives us inspirations of strength...

Illinois (Chicago)=Igor+Liz Willow+Julie+Lily+Lisa+Noell+Iris+Joyislife+Littlepieces2009

Jingle is an independent woman,
she made it to university herself,
landed on a full time job, Justin
requested her to come to Chicago for family
Reunion, she's chosen silence, tolerance,
and embrace when economic situation was bad,
she was forced to lower her rank to babysit.
Is her sacrifice understood?
She deserves better positions.

Image Credit:, on Illinois, Chicago, Chicago Bulls, Chinatown, University of Chicago, Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park Zoo, Twin Towers of Chicago, life...

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sheng Shawn-Hillary Acrobats Remains One of Jingle’s Favorite Shows!

Besides refreshing morning show
The "B" BRETT family show at Branson,
and the Jubilee show that blows everyone's
mind, The New Shanghai Acrobats of China
remains one of Jingle's favorites,
loved the tumblers, benders, and twisters,
customs such as lions, dragons, and jugglers
give spectacular extravaganza of elegant dance,
mysterious magic and music appear perfect.

Image Credit:, Branson, 
The B Brett Family morning Show, 
The Jubilee Show, 
The New Shanghai Acrobats Show...

Rejections Mean That One Needs A New Direction!

From 2001 to 2003, Jingle had
worked tirelessly on her novel
while pursuing Master of Science
in Education, she completed one with stories
being told based on her observations
at her hometown village, and she sent out
her manuscripts and received
a number of rejections.
Via failures, she learned
the art of writing and marketing.


Image Credit:, Jingle Yanqui's proposal, rejection slips, writing is learning..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Barbara Bush and Jenna Hager: The Princesses With Double Grace!

Born twin sisters with grandfather
George Herbert Walker Bush
and father George Walker Bush
as former presidents of the United States,
Jenna Hanger (Married) and Barbara Bush
have been admirable in their youthfulness
and promising talents, Barbara Bush supports
gay marriage, how brave,
Love seeing them via media sources,
keep up the wit and brilliance!

Image Credit:, on bush twin daughters, Barbara Bush and Jenna Hager...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mozilla Firefox: An Excellent Alternate To Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox is an internet
supporting tool, The magic is,
one can either Google under Firefox,
or Google under Google Chrome,
The earliest tool is Internet Explorer,
Firefox is an excellent alternate
that comes handy, especially
when Google Chrome is down,
And Google Chrome is perfect
when blogs or domains
are associated with Gmail accounts.

Image Credit: Google,com,
Top: Character from The Simpsons, A Sitcom on Fox TV...
Bottom, excellent slogan from the web...