Saturday, March 31, 2012

Illinois (Chicago)=Igor+Liz Willow+Julie+Lily+Lisa+Noell+Iris+Joyislife+Littlepieces2009

Jingle is an independent woman,
she made it to university herself,
landed on a full time job, Justin
requested her to come to Chicago for family
Reunion, she's chosen silence, tolerance,
and embrace when economic situation was bad,
she was forced to lower her rank to babysit.
Is her sacrifice understood?
She deserves better positions.

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  1. what a fun place to know.

    as for family sadness, yes, when kids are young, women have to stay at home, but when kids are big,

    husbands become less satisfied due to aging issue, it is NEVER wife's fault, Jingle could have jobs and everything her husband has if she only thinks of herself, not the kids or family as a whole, hopefully, Jiahong understands that his wife did not or never intends to depend on him, she has degrees, she has talent, and she can work and support herself.

  2. oh, mine,

    great point made.

    Ji shall work and earn a living herself, it's wrong for someone to make a case to force her home.

  3. a sad story well told.

    women need to grow up.