Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Simpsons (One of My Favirote Sitcom On Fox Television)

Why am I suddenly a sitcom,
with drafted scripts,
yellow round eyes
that I can't see?
No one takes me seriously,
why don't I have a voice?
I'm a sitcom in someone's living room.
They watch my show,
I have to face the empty darkness
when a boy decides to switch to a football game.

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An American guy loves The Simpsons 
when he was a roommate to my hubby,
He influenced him to watch it, 
then I began to enjoy it when I came along,
I almost named my baby boy BART,
The opening music and scene are of the greatest entertainments...


  1. The Simpsons is very well done...

    of course, there are many other shows on TV, but I watched this one with my boys for a few years...

    their humor and topics are marvelous.