Sunday, May 27, 2012

Murphy Oil (Springdale, Arkansas): The Oil and Gas Company That Brings Smiles and Beauty To Your Family!

Murphy Oil Corporation (Spring-dale, Arkansas)
is an international oil and gas company
through various operating subsidiaries.
The Company produces oil and natural gas
in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia,
and Republic of the Congo...
Murphy Oil INC. operates a network
of 6 Company-owned terminals, providing
fuel supply to our retail network in 23 states.



Image Credit: Murphy Oil...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Every Time I See My Pansies by JW

Every time I see my pansies
Vivid in the golden sun,
You are with me in my garden,
And I am once again a child.
Vivid in the golden sun,
Their beauty brings me close to tears,
And I am once again a child
Learning to assume your grace.
Their beauty brings me close to tears
As I join hands with you in love,
Learning to assume your grace,
Dancing to your inner music.
As I join hands with you in love,
You are with me in my garden,
Dancing to your inner music
Every time I see my pansies.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Traffic and Transportation at Bemidji (MN) and OSU (OK): Handsome Services Connecting People and Growing Friendships !!

Thanks to OSU Parking and Transit Service,
Farm Road is open 5pm or after today,
Which makes driving around Hall of Fame
much comfortable...Dr. David Schmidly
is a hero in building the new
Transportation Terminal. A photo from
Sitcom The Simpsons leads to Bemidji
State University and Lake Bemidji of
Minnesota, what interesting adventure!

 Image Credit: on Oklahoma State University, Bemidji State University..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Judge Ji and Fellow Professionals By How They Achieve, Not What They Look Like!

 Dr. Hongyu Wang, College of Education Faculty

Ji feels insulted when someone focuses
their attention negatively to
her weight or height, one shall NOT judge
by what one looks, but by
how one interacts, or achieves.
Stop verbal abuses, respect others
for who they are today!
Here is additional list of professors
at College of Education Ji wishes to honor.
Bless All!

 Hello, how do you do? You Look different, but love your smiles..keep it up!

Dr. Perry, Thanks for your positive words of encouragement to Ji, you rock...

Professor Harris, Thanks for the embrace and wit in teaching us integrity and educational leadership..

Dr. Brown, your class was hardest to me, but you made it easy by discussions of schools and common are the first one giving me an A in COE...Take good care...