Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Judge Ji and Fellow Professionals By How They Achieve, Not What They Look Like!

 Dr. Hongyu Wang, College of Education Faculty

Ji feels insulted when someone focuses
their attention negatively to
her weight or height, one shall NOT judge
by what one looks, but by
how one interacts, or achieves.
Stop verbal abuses, respect others
for who they are today!
Here is additional list of professors
at College of Education Ji wishes to honor.
Bless All!

 Hello, how do you do? You Look different, but love your smiles..keep it up!

Dr. Perry, Thanks for your positive words of encouragement to Ji, you rock...

Professor Harris, Thanks for the embrace and wit in teaching us integrity and educational leadership..

Dr. Brown, your class was hardest to me, but you made it easy by discussions of schools and common issues....you are the first one giving me an A in COE...Take good care...

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