Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moths and Death (Weekly Prompts)

 Image Credit: Meredith Storm

Three Word Wednesday: 3WW CCLXXX

Every creature differs,
A glass wall keeps us apart,
At cotton woods fields,
Moths, friends from outer space,
Strive toward lights with halts,
and burn themselves in the flame
of kerosene lamps,
As a fire, love is imaged
and lures hungry bodies
to some self-destruction,
Yet, while friends enjoy some
small security in a lighted room,
beyond the window,
limitless sky of the cosmos stretch,
where moths obtain growth
before heading earth for the death,
How bitterish to see such sad song
in July's heartfelt tune...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Father of My Friend..

 Tickets, cell phones,
Emotions transfer, wireless, along;
Places, bygones,
Time passes, shapeless, all along;
Books, street literature,
Stories are born, breath taking, moving;
Medias, cross culture relations,
Languages are torn, eventful, fulfilling;
Today's dreams,
Tomorrow's reality,
Everyone believes in technology...

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