Friday, August 31, 2012

D. Lee Richardson Has The Talent: Short Story Slam Week 26

 Image credit:, poetry copy righted by Lee Richardson

Across the silt of a shallow sea,
A hundred million years ago,
Complete in radial symmetry,
The starfish crawled-as he does now,
Five-pronged echinoderm who'd built
this body to live in on the silt.
Before the primate or dinosaur
the starfish crept the edge of tide,
doing what he was fitted for-
sucking at shellfish. limited thing
too well-adapted, satisfied
to start a fin or want a wing.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts or Reflections on Statewide Burn Ban In Effect

On my way to Will Roger World Airport yesterday,
A road sign has caught my attention,
"Statewide Burn Ban In Effect!"
It has been a rainy day,
a rare treat for months this summer,
I figure that drought has effect in farmers,
statewide, maybe nationwide,
or worldwide, it's tiresome to see yellowish
lawn and steamy air in the past weeks,
The call on the slogan to ban burning is perfect
to remind all to take caution,
water is wanted by animals,
by earth or corps,
I simply admire the signal
and here, bless all,
Good Luck in living, believing, and loving.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Fragment of Rainbow

A fragment of rainbow
is cut and falls onto clouds,
Wind kisses it,
Warm and juicy,
Wind gathers clouds,
Snowy and bouncy,
The fragment of rainbow
loses support,
and drops down on top of trees,
Wind snakes down and makes the chase,
the trees shake their heads,
with a fragment of rainbow
flying like birds.

Image Credit:, at msn