Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Fragment of Rainbow

A fragment of rainbow
is cut and falls onto clouds,
Wind kisses it,
Warm and juicy,
Wind gathers clouds,
Snowy and bouncy,
The fragment of rainbow
loses support,
and drops down on top of trees,
Wind snakes down and makes the chase,
the trees shake their heads,
with a fragment of rainbow
flying like birds.

Image Credit:, at msn


  1. I agree with Riika, nature can be magical and quite often is. Whether it's a bit of rainbow that has run off to have it own personal adventure or maybe a small rain cloud that's decided it only wants to rain the sweetest tasting water. Sometimes the magic is in the thunder of a summer storm as each clap of lightening lights up your bedroom as you stand in front of an open window. God's creation as it's best.

    Very well written. Blessings.

  2. smart connection and love the playfulness.

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    it has been a pleasure to have you shine like a star around us... ;)