Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Free Angel (Short Story Slam Week 28 and Poets Rally Week 73)

chasing rainbow by Jude Underwood /


Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

She opens the door,
with arms stretched out to explore,
She admires the nature,
trees, butterflies, and bubbles,
Ready for a day's adventure:
"I'm grateful."
She tells herself.
"I'm restless!"
She runs toward the sunshine,
feeling like a fairy flying toward to the moon,
The air is a friend,
If she loves it, fresh and new,
She believes that she will be free too.


I am grateful for this award, thanks to poets who nominate me, for week 74, I nominate

Summer Rain , best regards.  ;)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Branches of People, Culture, and Tastes Around Me! (I Love Life Itself)

The area is flooded with diversity,
branches of people, culture, and tastes with colorful eyeballs,
I have never been to Italy or France,
But I love French fries, and Italian noodle soups!
I was born in Seattle, Washington state,
I moved to Austin, Texas at age three,
I got my college degree at Chicago, Illinois,
and my family love vacations at Broadway, New York!
Life is an affordable journey, with love echoing beyond walls,
Traveling mentally and physically keeps us healthy,
Knowledge, aromas of common senses rise beyond bookstores,
sunsets is the way to pedal to sunrise!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Bunny Rabbit Humor

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making a living in the wild,
Bunny rabbits behave like a child,
They "tweet" when they run,
Their tail is short and silky like wine,
carrots are their fruit food,
Long red ears give fans beautiful mood,
They love digging holes,
They make friends with animated souls,
a good hare has a charming face,
and its naughty character keeps it popular all over the palace.