Saturday, September 15, 2012

Branches of People, Culture, and Tastes Around Me! (I Love Life Itself)

The area is flooded with diversity,
branches of people, culture, and tastes with colorful eyeballs,
I have never been to Italy or France,
But I love French fries, and Italian noodle soups!
I was born in Seattle, Washington state,
I moved to Austin, Texas at age three,
I got my college degree at Chicago, Illinois,
and my family love vacations at Broadway, New York!
Life is an affordable journey, with love echoing beyond walls,
Traveling mentally and physically keeps us healthy,
Knowledge, aromas of common senses rise beyond bookstores,
sunsets is the way to pedal to sunrise!


  1. Excellent glimpse of your life, and how the journey grounds you to the Earth.

  2. An enjoyable read. I've never traveled the world, though I've wanted to, but I collect gemstones from all over the world and at least once a week I take out my stones and hold them in my hands and travel, in my mind of course, to each of the countries and states from which each stone came; Arizona, Brazil, Africa, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Korea. Yes, I've never traveled, but a bit of each country has come to me.
    Have a blessed week!

  3. time traveling, virtual traveling are awesome.