Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Free Angel (Short Story Slam Week 28 and Poets Rally Week 73)

chasing rainbow by Jude Underwood /


Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

She opens the door,
with arms stretched out to explore,
She admires the nature,
trees, butterflies, and bubbles,
Ready for a day's adventure:
"I'm grateful."
She tells herself.
"I'm restless!"
She runs toward the sunshine,
feeling like a fairy flying toward to the moon,
The air is a friend,
If she loves it, fresh and new,
She believes that she will be free too.


I am grateful for this award, thanks to poets who nominate me, for week 74, I nominate

Summer Rain , best regards.  ;)



  1. WOW I loved the free thoughts and opening of the doors... innocent thoughts are so pure :)
    Loved it

  2. This is sweet. It reads like a little fairy-tale.

  3. Congrats with your award. This is really an awesome poem. thank you for sharing.

  4. I really felt the childhood freedom here. Well expressed :)

  5. Loved it! Reminded me of my childhood long, long, long ago. Yes, I'm pretty much up there in age, but I still have moments where I let my inner child run free and I'm a butterfly or a fairy and then I take my grandkids along on the journeys with me.
    Last week we visited Saturn and I'm you should have heard the stories they had to tell. I think we'll visit Neptune next week. LOL!
    Thanks so much for sharing. Have a blessed week.