Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Poetry, Technology, and Me!


I write poetry seeking comfort,
I write poetry fulfilling my soul,
I write poetry for healthy goals.
I have lots of fun.
I write poetry to share joy,
I write poetry to inspire my boy.
I'm encouraged by your comments,
I'm tickled by your humor and talents.
I write poetry finding potential wit,
I write poetry discovering my strength,
I write poetry not to compete with you,
but to advance my personal hobby at my beloved space.
I write to kill time,
i write to mine my love for my family,
I write to show my independence,
I don't care what you do or think basically,
Unless you come to my property...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eye on News of 3rd Debate (Eyes =eyeHoles=Holes=Yan, You=Ya=Ni)

Foreign policy,
Military, middle east,
Boiling Arguments!
Barack Obama,
and Willard Mitt Romney,
One on One,good Job.
CBS, TV #5,
Broadcasting debate, at 9,
Eyes on holes, polls.
First ladies, green grey,
Family, friends, watch and pray,
Good luck, O. M. ducks.
Bob schieffer, Lynn Univ.,
Boca Raton, Florida,
Home security, tough views.
The race is so close,
It's hard to choose via debates,
Moderate and vote.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make Sense By Sheila Rae Hill (Fiction, 1975)


You try to make sense out of a day;
out of days, though
I feel it's worth more to want to know you
and your ways, as you are now, as we all are now,
We've been through a lot, we've grown
around each other,
we've grown around ourselves, too.
Sometimes a bloom, grown better,
when surrounded by other growing blooms!
We all are, too!
Adjusting the things we talked
are coming about with our lord!
We are going our own way toward him each day,
For daily, differences will easily enfold many roads,
Many ought not to unfold, Many ought to be told.
You ask me to come to your house;
You are my house, you're already at my house.
We're there.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pear Escapes By Hilda Doolittle

 Image Credit: Google.com



Silver dust
drifting from the earth,
higher than my arms reach,
you have shouted
O, Silver,
Higher than my arms reach,
You force us with huge mess.
No petals ever opened
so staunch a red bud,
no flower ever taken silver
from such random color;
O, pale blossom,
You Flower-Tufts!
heavy on the branch
mixing summer and juicy peaches
with some purple cats.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Beyond The Shadows

Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 74 (October 4 -October 10)

We grope in the shadow to see dawn,
To know what's happening ahead,
We struggle, fall, and explore, old and young,
To find out what can be altered instead.
Sad because evil force misleads,
Integrity virtue, and honesty vanishes,
Hurt since many a folk still cheats,
and the efforts to correct wrongs are considered as trashes.
Darkness and gloom sweep our souls,
Giving us steaming feel as if we're in showers,
But if we calm down, and rethink our goals,
We can rise in the strength of God, his powers.