Monday, April 14, 2014

Baghdad (Bageda, Paketar, Barguefa)

An international tour is on 10am sharp,
Sarah-Ann Lynch, Ezzadin Haji, and Hind Aldoski
have their turn to guide visitors:
The streets are still messy here,

Beyond all, first they have to show Gesotora Kang, Barno Stadium-
Football stars and fans' battle ground;
Then, they walk toward Mayy Aljisad, Haya Aljamish, and All Goreo dorms,
Although the city bus makes it easy to shuffle,
They still feel out of breath at many places,
When they dine at Louis Berger Dust Barrow Hall,
They have salad, soups, pizza, fried rice, julio owen chou mian,...

Passing Maji Hamiroe Ontomo Avenue,
The group boarded a boat,
they will have to see Jerry Sherwood Museum, and shop at Shwuno Gift shop,
post cards, monuments, T-shirts, tic-toc handbags, maps,
lots of stuff to look at...

After the tour, it's almost 2pm, and
Colega Soreen recommends that the following people will be honored
by participants, they must write a fictional story about the person
whose name is assigned to them...and their names are:

Jack Mo Yoo, Mark Feierstein, Ari Hishyar Sedeg Hassan, Faris Malik, umm Qasr,
Mark Faster, Sarah Harding, Jason Cox, Mahmound Ahmadinejad, Bonnie Hess,
Sherry Fox, Bill Johnstone, Hoel Schimek, Ann Lacy, Mark Turner, Baylee Henry,
Craig Kent, Caleb Dicke, Lisa Bloom, Brian Wecht, Reva Wolf, Jimmy Johns, Yuri Han,
Moon-kie Jung, Leah Henry, Jennifer Flecha, Scott Jackson, Michael Jordan, Sherri Kim,
Bob Young, Todd Holm, Christian Fallin, Chris Raun, Cynthia Francisco, Mingze Xi.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I Love Fat Cat

Loose Long hair,
Black and white in colorless chair,
The cat that is fat
demands my pat.

His eyes are round,
His paws are folded on ground,
His sense is sharp,
His attitude is profound.

Is the cat a friend?
Or a kitten that refuses to pretend?
Cats are acceptable pets,
a gentle touch is what he intends.

Beeler cat, Yamin cat,
Lambert cat, Pager cat,
Cunningkam cat, Caruba cat,
Jakola cat, Cirulli Campbell cat,
Sahs, Kerr, Robertson, or Mears Cat.

Slim cat, fat cat,
Old cat, young cat,
Baby cat, adult cat,
He cat, she cat,
My favorite cat is the one that's fat.