Thursday, May 29, 2014

BHP Billiton Group: The Forceful Industrial Leader!
As a global company (,
BHP Billiton is an industry leaders
including aluminum, energy coal
and metallurgical coal, copper, manganese,
iron ore, liquefied natural gas and diamonds.
Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia,
BHP Billiton Group was created through
the Dual Listed Companies merger
of BHP Billiton Limited....
which was concluded on June 29, 2001.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Because of You! ! by Gordon David


You’ve given me your energy
Because of you, I am now free
Free from the hurt and misery

Because of you love came to me
A love that’s bound by honesty
Because of you, I came to be
Being with you is destiny

Because of you, I have no past
You’ve given me a love to last
Because of you, I’m no outcast
My love for you is unsurpassed

Because of you, Life’s not a strain
You took away most of my pain
Because of you, I feel again
Feel love for you I can’t contain

Because of you, I now feel strong
Stronger to know our love’s not wrong
Because of you I now belong
Fate brought me to you all along

Because of you, I can now see