Friday, May 22, 2015

Kennedy Town Fatasy

morning crashes,
narrow walk along LukFong street,
Haagen Das vanila ice cream cone,
A cool treat at the Peak Tram Sky Terace 48.
Xia Mian noodle house,
Pret pasta and sesame bagels,
The spicy noodle bowl is flavored
with hot Wulong tea, delicate vinegar.
Hong Kong 香港 subway daily pass,
it costs 55 hong kong yuan, and 165 for three,
Broadway is called BailaoHui,
Mong Kok is said to be 旺角 Wang Jiao...
Language barriers, Sheung, Causeway Bay, Shek Kip Mei speaks,
Victoria park, Thunder Storm, Wilson Parking garage,
Douglas Francis, Sharp Street, Constantin Bakery,
Page One books, Hargis Candy, Brin Jeans, Schmidt Policy, Wool socks.
the subway comes in red, blue, green, orange,
and we ride from Si Ying Pun to Central, then to Yau Ma Key,
and we transfer to Kowloon Tong, then to Lo Wu, which is a bank away
from ShenZhen, Luo Hu train station, the subway at Shenzhen is cool.