Monday, November 30, 2015

ABc Wednesday, V is for Victory...Short Stroy Slam Week 34

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V stands for Victory

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lady in red... 

a lady in red appears at Motorola 
and the floor shines with silence,
that's when Victory also comes to town

there are many moments of hesitation
and there is also time when we make wrong decision,
ruby lin is a different star from vikki zhao

Ralston intelligence has fun with humor quotes,
better days come after Friday,
and they are Saturday and Sunday

Fairfax sells beauty products at Moore's venture store,
and the locale policeman keeps an eye on all guests,
Lela, Hominy, Pawnee, Morrison, and Perry wear Santa hats

jolly music sings
lots of red, green, and pride of happiness,
Diane Harris, Liz Weston, Kim Clark, and John Waggoner scream

for Merry Christmas 

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Image result for victory
Shadowy sign 
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Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

short story slam week 33

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

November autumn leaves
counting down to Paris sadness prayers
God bless all veterans

Chèvrefeuille haijin haiku
the stopping point of fuel and snacks
poetry is cool

south west airplanes,
a blue and bright orange bird
thoughts breath love

unexpected cold or flu
some searches for antibiotics,
a cure to virus or germs

plain cooked rice
hard to go with saltless river fish
the bitterness writes on face

AAA tow trucks
adding state farm car insurances
what a Scott, Larry, and Leming trace

penguins nestles north pole,
Tracy Biden anticipates for Santa Clause,
a 2015 merry Christmas.

 Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #19 as is above; as below
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 Alphabe-Thursday Letter A is for Antibiotics

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S is for South West Airlines

Friday, November 6, 2015

short story slam week 32, alphabe thursday y for your pp, and abc for quartz mountain arts, and sunday whirl for wordle 223, benign pusuit


Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Alphabe-Thursday Letter Y Your Personal Preference

Q is for Quartz Mountain Arts Institute

 the sky goes mad,
she pours lots of water on earth,
curious people cries indoors.

grab a oyo orchestra photo handbook,
recall the dream lake and calm hill at Quartz mountain arts institute,
Samone's eyes glitter

your personal preference is of priority,
when it comes to shopping, dining, and traveling,
blue blossom from Texas is of fire of our passion

dusty bowl from Gerbi desert,
Weeping willow sways its hair to make a stir
open the touch of a river stone

the search for inner peace lasts century long
the key to happiness remains secrets,
no name, no word, no veins can cover a body gesture

at times, we choose to quit, 
not to quarrel,  
and we pick our individual yoyo to play
so that no defeat is forwarded to our emotional Bay.

i am sure gene luen yang is creative,
thomas tiemey, devin wenig, and pierr omidyar are rich
as they blaze a trial to merchandise via ebay
and inspire lots of bob young, jeff bezos to do creative preach 

Wordle 223