Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ruby Tuesday, Black and White Wednesday, Winter Berries, and Six Word Saturday

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Winter Berries 

do you believe in angels?
it is our sincere imagination
to believe in ghosts, angels, fairies,
and a make believe does impact our mindset,
at times, looking back,
a reflection could mirror our past,
but things can never be the same,
because once a flower is bloomed,
it buds, spread sunshine,
and when it withers
no tears can help
 life comes in circles
cold feet always strike one's pulse
and make a impression,
relationship comes in all kinds of shapes
and colors, and a slap in the face
could be a metaphor 
which means an insult from an individual, 
dial a wrong phone number,
no problem if the other party does not take offensive,
gasps of breath when sudden conclusion reveals
always dust off the dirt 
with your distant days
money is not everything
I can not lower my head
and duck into a crowd of demanding eyes
I pause,
walking away 
from the spinning wheels
of the price is right game
glory is short
and patience is invaluable
some people stalk 
and scream for honorable contacts,
I choose not to join those moments
and let the year turn the page
my new chapter of life is firm,
always the same gratitude,
and the same cold stares...
the show is on now,
but no lasting parties,
it depends
good luck to winter season
and writing is always my forever passion.


Sometimes, Silence Is Gold, Not Iron
Six Word Saturday 

Wordle 232


  1. Made me feel nostalgic as I looked back over my childhood, but at the same so grateful for what I have right now. Either way, past, present or coming future, I am and will be blessed. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed January!