Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stetson Payne's O'colly crime desk

It seems like Yun Ma works hard to be cool,
So does Jerry Yang, Larry Page of google or yahoo
I am firm about hp Des Moises computer program,
including Beijing zhong guan cun Electric Company

Morning blues,
madness from David Chun,
i wonder why Jerry Brown, Todd Holm inputs Sheng Wu,
i wonder why Stephan Wilson get a bill from Facebook

Paul Miller promotes Anne Raun, Sally Asher,
But Stillwater police department is firm,
they arrest Larry Wayne McCann, Desmond Lamont,
just because they walk naked at 1am around boomer lake

while James Creek, Tiger Woods, Flynnagin's Footwear fly,
Toms, Nathan Ruiz, Kurt Steiss, Travis Ford, Buddy Hield score,
a basketball game is tough
a case in Payne County court is hard like stonerough

Crimson in Fall,
Beat Sooner OU gamers sign crawl,
Christie Tapp, Emily Farris, Luke Spencer, and Paige Albert grin,
what a sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty taste under Gina Noble girl from Wyoming.