Monday, February 29, 2016

short story slam week 40, dreams of a dandelion or wishes of a lady bug

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when the Month of March arrives, gentle spring breeze warms
our face, we walk in the wild, and we have fun with lots of
fine arts, we think of dreams of a dandelion, or wishes of a lady bug,
we believe in higher education and support those
who apply for freshman classes around the America greenland
a dandelion is called "pu gong ying" or "panda face",
the flower is shortly lived, but we still cherish its beauty
and we always persist, trying hard to discover our inner strength,
and we always succeed in one of those available space
my dream is Freedom for all walks of folks,
I always fight hard to enjoy my personal freedom, and I indeed
work  hard to comprehend other people's freedom, and sometimes,
we may mislead others through our efforts, yet we know
a young lord deserves education, and education is one of those
most effective method for higher intelligence and better character shaping,
we honor people for what they do, and mostly, I wish to say,
enjoy your freedom of expression, freedom of friendship, and freedom
of option for higher education, we look up, match higher ground, try not to
look down, sink to basement to smell the sew or dig deep to unearth more mud,
fly, and smile, i wish your dreams come true,
a lady bug is small, a mushroom is weak, but their leafy and green
sheen will inspire us to never give up. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

more family members from Tom Peng and Gayla Fu...

so, when Mitt peng was a landlord,
he has many Moo (Mu) tian for rice and wheat

he has his wife Jane Rao who helps,
doing lots of planting, yams, soy beans, peanuts, and corn

cucmbers are fresh and plumb
long beans hang elegant in vineyard

when Ruth Peng and Trent Peng grow up,
they ask a wise match maker to do the marriage business

and Ruth falls in love with Joel,
their children are blooming like fireworks

colorful sky,
many experiences occur to Ruth as he works at Yaotong, burning bricks

he has cements, water, and white washed paint mixed,
a rectangle box fit the bricks, letting out when it dries

after burning those walls of bricks in a Dome on high temperature,
the bricks become solid materials for construction of homes

school houses is built for Pengjia village using his bricks,
after 1949, his wife suffers from being a rich landlord, and he still keeps hope

Today, Ruth Peng and Trent Peng no more live,
yet their children, grandchildren all grow up, serving Jingmen, Jiujiang, Norman, Boston

you know, one of Ruth's relative works in Angry Orchard,
pruning apple, pear, peach, cheery, and black berry trees...

we do appreciate Ruth and Trent's tolerance toward Chinese communist rule,
they have beautiful children and grand children

way to go, Shuicai Peng and Houyuan Peng,
good luck, Yingping Peng, Yingzhi Peng, Xiansheng Peng, and Fusheng Peng

Tom Peng || Gayla Fu
              Adam Peng
              Mitt Peng
             Paulson Peng
             Mozart Peng

Mitt Peng || Jane Rao
                Ruth Peng
                Trent Peng

Ruth Peng || Joel Chen
                Yingping Peng
                Yingzhi Peng
                Xiansheng Peng
                Fusheng Peng

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weakly Writing Prompts, Short Story Slam Week 37

   photo 6fef8b02-7228-4cca-b8d9-09d5970f18a4_zpsufoegpxo.jpg
Whirligig 45

string music favor (Fever)?
really (Never)!

cake carrying hiding treasure?
memory swaying skirts of germs that echo pleasure

scissors in a northwestern university faculty's hands,
the blogger refuses to go public, thanks to Tom Hardy from Greenlands

food pyramid express gas,
hobby lobby yarn bee and french dms strings, lindy Gus

Daniel, Julio, Emily, John, Christina, Wayne, Rosetta, Annie, Jason, Bob,
Xiaoyan Zhang, Swallow Chueng, Rana Webber, Lee Brasuell, Chad Rodgers, 

Henry Bellmon research center,
Newton food tastes better

Sherman E Smith football training stadium,
Anne and Michael Greenwood tennis court

Thomas Boone Pickens  football court,
Joe and Connie Mitchell square...

Dan Little Resident Hall,
Norris University bookstore,

Mary Block museum,
Edmon Low library...

all speak of Spears business school,
next to Charles Watson and Morill Hall of english department

songs written today,
stories posted in 18th century...