Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weakly Writing Prompts, Short Story Slam Week 37

   photo 6fef8b02-7228-4cca-b8d9-09d5970f18a4_zpsufoegpxo.jpg
Whirligig 45

string music favor (Fever)?
really (Never)!

cake carrying hiding treasure?
memory swaying skirts of germs that echo pleasure

scissors in a northwestern university faculty's hands,
the blogger refuses to go public, thanks to Tom Hardy from Greenlands

food pyramid express gas,
hobby lobby yarn bee and french dms strings, lindy Gus

Daniel, Julio, Emily, John, Christina, Wayne, Rosetta, Annie, Jason, Bob,
Xiaoyan Zhang, Swallow Chueng, Rana Webber, Lee Brasuell, Chad Rodgers, 

Henry Bellmon research center,
Newton food tastes better

Sherman E Smith football training stadium,
Anne and Michael Greenwood tennis court

Thomas Boone Pickens  football court,
Joe and Connie Mitchell square...

Dan Little Resident Hall,
Norris University bookstore,

Mary Block museum,
Edmon Low library...

all speak of Spears business school,
next to Charles Watson and Morill Hall of english department

songs written today,
stories posted in 18th century...