Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a princeton university mathematician's viewpoints

first italy,
then germany

first chicago
then princeton

susan and peter
people who contribute

hannah and sarah
girls who are smart

when carlie hasty speaks
Joni Hays feels great

so, Zoel constantin // Bethany Constantin
together they support Peter Zhang, Thomas Chang, Ullrich Oregon

new york times headlines
2016 politicians are tense in oral speeches

Shiloh Weng // Suri Holmes
they make Loomattis Abbeyuwon and Samantha Noelham cool

Peterson Vyanquxom // Wikipedia Jahmesz
they produce Glenpool Iowa, Bradford Confusetina, and Markenzie Wilburcox

Xu Beihong // Wang Suo
Er Hu Yin Yue and they please Hu Ke and Hu Tsi

Jin Xie // Yimo Zhang
they make movies such as Furong Zhen , Hong Gaoliang, and

by the way, Zhang Yan, Zhao Ji, Zhao Wei, Zhang Jinchou,
Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Huang Feng, Zhang Jizhong, Ma Ji, and Yang Lan survive cctv news

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