Monday, February 29, 2016

short story slam week 40, dreams of a dandelion or wishes of a lady bug

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when the Month of March arrives, gentle spring breeze warms
our face, we walk in the wild, and we have fun with lots of
fine arts, we think of dreams of a dandelion, or wishes of a lady bug,
we believe in higher education and support those
who apply for freshman classes around the America greenland
a dandelion is called "pu gong ying" or "panda face",
the flower is shortly lived, but we still cherish its beauty
and we always persist, trying hard to discover our inner strength,
and we always succeed in one of those available space
my dream is Freedom for all walks of folks,
I always fight hard to enjoy my personal freedom, and I indeed
work  hard to comprehend other people's freedom, and sometimes,
we may mislead others through our efforts, yet we know
a young lord deserves education, and education is one of those
most effective method for higher intelligence and better character shaping,
we honor people for what they do, and mostly, I wish to say,
enjoy your freedom of expression, freedom of friendship, and freedom
of option for higher education, we look up, match higher ground, try not to
look down, sink to basement to smell the sew or dig deep to unearth more mud,
fly, and smile, i wish your dreams come true,
a lady bug is small, a mushroom is weak, but their leafy and green
sheen will inspire us to never give up.