Monday, July 25, 2016

short story slam week 49, from first Gunn Finnancial group

lots of figures counting
amazing amazon and lovely locale attention wanting

the smile of Jim Gunn,
the information book of Dale Brendel

a state college,
a 125 years of history over the pan handle

Ben Champlin, David Bitton, Bartlett,
Jill Hunt, Kieran Steckley, Tanner Holubar,

Do you agree that anne Peters relative to David Peters?
how about Stillwater, Davis, Claremore, Perry, and Ada?

Ray Smith does wealth management,
Chevrolet truck relative to Wilson car,

Mazda, Ford, Toyota, Honda,
Infiniti, Lioncoln, Lexus, and Jeep

the fuel is energy for us to go,
the move of an encouragement is the reason for relation to form

Church's chicken
a good choice for Bradford Knapp, George Morrow, Ahgelo Scott, Lawrence Boger

who is Freeman Dilbeck?
Pistol Pete, Helen Maxey, Tim Ahrens, Joe Dial, Pat Smith, the Atherton hotel

osu alumni association,
Michael Charles, Chris Barchelder, Pam Davis, Jace Dawson, and Chase Carter

experiences from oilman Thomas Boone Pickens, Maleine, Sherman, Mike and Ann
do vote for sports and football games all year long

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short story slam week 49, July 21---August 7, 2016, Silver Swan poetic stories of romance and mystery