Friday, February 3, 2017

short story slam week 62, Friday my town shoot out, mellow yellow, and abc wednesday

short story slam week 62, on story of Mark Surman, Jim Wales, James Waldo, Rachel Roy, and Susan Grossman along with Firefox 
 Image result for tulane university hair salon
 Image result for tulane university math department    Thomas Beale, Tulane University, new Orleans, Louisianan state

how we relate
how we feel

when you feel great
you are empowered to stay
connected to kevin murphy

when you feel uplifted
you feel awesome about thomas beale
and you smile at Lucien Xu and Dennis Rodman

how great you are
how awesome your job is seen

when Kathrine Allen and Dennis smith are posted
when Lucinda Park and Sheila Page remove the gap
things go green in Gloria, Victor, and Larry

glad to discover Mark Surman, and Linda Avery
the story plot is focusing on Karen Baker, and Sheila Why
the theme is about poems on Paul Clancy and Bennett Greenspan

Wendy Hurley and Steven Chen
Eric Wood and Kan Stefansson
Paul Cusenza and Roger Blais, etc.

cold dau
shivering hands
I post Firefox to expel chil in Susan Grossman and Scott Pippen

Shopping Malls [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 
 Image result for tulane university hair salon
Lucien Xu with her hairdo barber, Susan Rodman
 Related image   Lucinda Park visits Pages & Pages bookstore, Honolulu

hair salon 
 Image result for tulane university hair salon
 Image result for tulane university hair salon

little yellow plane... 

 Image result for dillard university yellow plane
 Image result for tulane university hair salon  Katherine Allen
Dennis, Derek, Duncan, Donald Duck, and Dillard Dancing   
 Image result for dennis smith jr  
 Image result for derek ramsay
 Dennis Ramsay
 Image result for dillard university

  Related image


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  2. Good assortment of 'D's well done!
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