Tuesday, March 14, 2017

short story slam week 65

Joseph James Pavelski is an American professional ice hockey player and captain for the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League. He scored a goal in his first NHL game, making him the 11th Sharks player in the history of the team to do so. Wikipedia
playing Hocky
running on ice
tough skating
slippery handlings
playing words
typing on fog
easy going space
quotes and memos etc 

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sarah and joseph james pavelski

short story slam week 64, new births, and new hope

from Myanman, to Peru,
from Alaska, to Virginia,
things go flat,
beauty and patience combine
babies bear barries
they pop out like mary poppins
blooming smiles
as if the world is Jolly Fong

let's call names
and name a few babies

not sure who placed a blood stream on Lucinda and Larry,
they have late day LOVE prints,
a footstep and a fingerprint,
all write

Lucinda Balane Southworth  ||  Larry Lawrence Page

Lotie Kearnston Page
Clarion Gustfim Page
James Thomas Park

any extra relatives from Canada?

Jayne Gosney  ||  Scott Wise Leming

Arzelar Pritchard Leming
Francis Harriet Leming
Macayeal Glencia Leming
Brawley Wiseman Leming
Shindle Wydown McPherson

some strangers vent, trying to see their children grow,

Shihe Lewis  Payne ||  Chuanzhen Skylar Theresa

Ying Liu  (Dennis Willow Trump)
Baiwen  Liu (Barron William Trump)
Jiayao Liu (Sperry Sanuk Trump)
Zhongqiang Liu (Paige Lockwood Trump)

Jonathan (yongming) Rosenberg ||  Sheryl (dongfang) Kara Sandberg

Skylar  Heimos Zhang
Connie Blocksum Nipomo-Abby
Moonie Tuzo Francis

Wangbing Dai || Qingqing Tang
Ivan Ladue Dai
Paula Clayson Dai
Victor Hanlon Troyeah

Wang Min || Peng Chuanxian

Elena Jerry Peng  (Peng Yuewan)
Melania Mary Peng (Peng Chongqing)
Sasha McCormick Peng (Peng Tianzuo)
Sloan DEborah Peng (Peng Haiqing)
Victoria Riika Peng (Peng Xiaofeng)
Akainyah Morton Peng (Peng Qunhua)