Saturday, April 15, 2017

poetry rally week 84, shrimp, fried dough sticks, and watermelon


Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laughRelated image

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meaty and noodlely
a long youtiao could serve you and me
you feel better after a chuck of watermelon

when David Chopp and Karen Chou seek fame
they set Randall Berry, Linda Broadbelt, and Robert Chang on flame
freedom fire burns Tibert tents

Ming-yang kao, she is proud,
Jian Cao, Horacio Espinosa, Isaac Daniel, Sundar Pichai, they are wise owl,
Gloria Kim, Prem Kumar, Yan Chen, Zac Cavett, and Alvin Bayliss all fly high

when eastman of Georgia sits tight at Rochester,
when Joel Seligman and Kim Wilcox win prize from Tao Lizheng, Zhang Qi,
we find Peter Constantin, Kim Gray, Stephen Carr, and Mark Hersam relaxing

today's food is easy
just take one,
and eat some, visit Birkenstock, Mountain View, and see Susan Wojcincki, or Alison Wu